March 13 – 22nd, 2015
what is it?
A group exhibition by the artists of Hepburn, Mt Alexander, Macedon and Bendigo shires of their Art and Artefacts.

We have wrapped up the White Shoe Box Gallery Exhibition which was presented within the Castlemaine State Festival program.
Within a very busy festival season: 70 artists participated, 30 more expressed an interest & 940 visitors attended!
our primary intention: was to encourage artist participation inside a non-selective environment. The artist mix included established artists, student artists, emerging artists, Create-abilty artists (the artists loved the ‘all in’ community vibe of the show.)
our secondary objective: was to test the technical parameters of the Pop Up Art concept, presenting the art in a tiny floor space (totalling 8 square metres) above the Ice Creamery at The Theatre Royal.
Artistic mediums varied greatly between sculptors, painters, printmakers, photographers, jewellery makers, potters, installation artists. ALL exhibiting their work within a small standard size white shoe box format.
Our resources were very thin but a host of people and organisations got behind the show and helped us deliver…



ONLINE COURSE – Profile Building for Creatives.

what was it?

A profile building course delivered online in 6 modules to guide Creatives in preparing their own profiles.

Over the summer we delivered Profile Building For Creatives to 670 subscribers. 6 units were delivered for FREE weekly with the support of Mount Alexander, Hepburn, Macedon and Bendigo Councils.

what they said.
Many artists have indicated they worked through the program and found it ‘practical, useful, helpful, educational, easy to understand, good company and worth saving for later!’
Others have said they would like to do a program like this in a guided environment with other community members. If you’re interested in this click below here to let us know.



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